Friday, August 7, 2009

Sure Government Stinks...What do we do about it?

I hear a lot of people concerned with the direction the country is
going, but don't know what to do. So I'm trying to compile a list of
specific things people can DO. Any other suggestions we should add to
this list?

1. VOTE - This should be a given
2. CALL YOUR SENATORS OR CONGRESSMEN - These calls make a bigger
difference than you may realize. Let those that represent you know
where you stand.
3. ATTEND YOUR CAUCUS MEETINGS - Very few people attend their caucus
meetings. This is where delegates are selected, who help determine
what candidates run for the party. Don't like the candidates running?
Go to your caucuses. Or better yet...
4. BECOME A DELEGATE - This is especially important in Utah because of
our caucus/convention approach to selecting candidates. At the
convention they'll whittle down those running to two individuals to
run in the primary, or if one gets 60% of the votes they're
automatically the candidate. This allows a nobody to have a fighting
chance against the big guys with money and name recognition. If you
truly want influence on politics in Utah (state officials, senators or
house of reps), become a delegate
5. EDUCATE YOURSELF - Educate yourself on the constitution, on
principles of freedom and the founding of this country.
6. HELP EDUCATE OTHERS - Have discussions with friends and family
about principles you believe in, and learn from each other. To help
with educating myself and others we've hosted a class on the
7. DONATE MONEY - Put your money where your mouth is and send some
money to a candidate or cause that you can get behind. It doesn't have
to be to a party. Spend it where you think it will be of most use.
8. ATTEND EVENTS- There are movements popping up all over the country
that one can get involved in, depending on what's important to you.
There's the Patrick Henry Caucus that has regular meetings, rally's
and fund raisers. There's the 912-ers, the Tea Party's, 2nd amendment
marches etc. People sometimes have the impression that only the fringe
attend these events. So let's get more normal people to them who want
to peacefully stand up for what they believe in.
9. GET YOUR CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT - I've heard it said that
politicians may not be very smart, but the one thing they do
understand is numbers. And as they see the numbers of people getting
their CCP dramatically increasing, they'll get the message that gun
rights are important to the people. Even if you don't own a gun, you
can get your permit to make it clear you believe in your 2nd amendment
10. VOLUNTEER - Once again, if there is a candidate or cause you like
volunteer to help. You can make phone calls, put signs in your yard

What else can we add to this list?

All these things require action. Too many times I find myself
complaining about what's happening, but not really doing anything
about it. At somepoint we need to stop just talking about it, and take
peaceful ACTION to support what we believe in.

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