Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama administration using taxpayer dollars to fund health care campaign

So do the Democrats really believe in government contracting out
services? Apparently they do, though this is a surely less justifiable
use than contracting out services that the government should be doing.
Fox News has this:

The White House hired a private communications company based in
Minnesota to distribute mass e-mails, helping to shed light on how
some recipients received e-mails in support of President Obama's
health care plan without signing up for them, FOX News has learned.

The company, Govdelivery, describes itself as the world's leading
provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions and says its
e-mail service provides a fully-automated on-demand public
communication system.

It is still unknown how much taxpayer money the White House
provides to Govdelivery for its services.

The revelation comes after the White House acknowledged this week
that people were receiving unsolicited e-mails from the administration
about health care reform and suggested the problem was with
third-party groups that placed the recipients' names on the
distribution list.

Republicans quickly pounced on the news.

"This is yet another ominous chapter in the administration's rabid
campaign to jam its radical health care scheme onto an unwilling
public by any means necessary," Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan
said in a statement.

Govdelivery sent hundreds of e-mails from senior adviser David
Axelrod asking supporters to help rebut criticism of Obama's health
care plan circulating on the Internet. It also sent e-mails
highlighting Obama's speech to the Muslim world in Cairo and the
announcement of Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court nominee.

Several FOX News viewers complained they received these e-mails
even though they had never requested any communication from the White
House. . . . .

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